Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Movie Review: Deadgirl

Let me start by saying that actors who are (roughly) 23 and 25 years old really should not be playing 17 year old high school students. There is probably nothing more distracting in the entire Deadgirl experience than having to suspend disbelief enough to go along with the idea of two men who are old enough to have graduated from a 4 year university and had a few years in the "real world" are actually high school juniors.

But we can move on from that horribly distracting mess...for a little while anyway.

Short plot synopsis: Two high school students skip class and wander around an abandoned mental institution only to discover a woman; naked and tied to a bed. One friend figures this is a good chance to get laid (J.T.), the other (Ricky) wants to try to save her. J.T. leaves, Ricky has sex with her and ends up beating her to (what should be) death but the girl continues to function exactly as before. The fact that she is clearly not human leads to a question of if she needs to be treated like one. J.T. goes a bit crazy, spending seemingly all of his time in the room having sex with the "deadgirl." Without giving too much away, it is realized that there is a way to make more just like her despite the fact that she seems incredibly violent when she has the chance to sink her teeth in to someone, or something.

The fact that a site like Bloody Disgusting talks about how the film is similar to Stand By Me is completely absurd. Stand By Me was an outstanding coming of age story grounded in reality while Deadgirl is about the evil "bad kid" and the "bad kid" with a heart of gold and their struggle with fucking a dead girl. Not to say that this means that it can't be a good horror movie, it just means that no matter how hard you want to push an odd similarity with Stand By Me, it doesn't work. Also, it's hard to tell a coming of age story when you're watching grown men who have already come of age. I mean, shit, the main "bully" in the story played a college kid in We Are Marshall three years before this movie came out and looks like he's in his 30's.

I don't think the story is that good, I don't think the acting is good at all and what would at least be an unsettling tale of young high schoolers essentially raping a zombie has its punch taken away by the fact that they're grown men.

I simply refuse to be wowed by a movie for stepping outside convention and being "shocking" in it's subject matter and as such this is just kind of a crap movie.

Final Score: 1.5/5

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