Friday, October 15, 2010

Coming Soon... Upcoming Theatrical Horror Releases

Oct 22

Paranormal Activity 2 - I thought the first Paranormal Activity was the tops, the second one has the choice to either build on the first and try to capture the same moody atmospheric aura or it will be a jump scare fest of lameness. It is very "sequel-y" to introduce a kid and an animal into the mix but I'm willing to give this a chance. Given the Blair Witch Project comparisons the first time around we'll just hope that this sequel is better than what they did with Blair Witch 2.

Oct 29

Saw 3D - I will gladly put the first three Saw movies up against any first three movies in any horror series. The first was a great, dread-filled piece of genre work that changed modern horror, the second was the one that really amped up the "trap" portion of things and made for a very solid experience and the third actually went ahead and tied the three movies together into a coherent package. If they'd stopped there it would have been fantastic. Instead, we got the next three which played out like a USA Network produced cop drama with gore in the middle. Now we go to 3D where I have little hope they did more than plan on having shit pointlessly fly at the screen rather than try to tie together all the random loose ends that have been left by 6 films. Not high hopes here but I've sat through them all, might as well see this one in 3D and finish it off.

Monsters - District 9: Mexico. Not really, but the idea of aliens that came to Earth and are now "residents" is similar enough. It looks to have a totally different tone though and also looks to be pretty damn awesome:

Nov 12

Skyline - A sci-fi thriller with visual effects by the same company responsible for 300 and Avatar. I don't know much about this...but I want to learn more.

That's it through the end of November for any horror coming to the theatre. There's a lot of "could be good, could be shit" coming our way.

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